Governance Documents

2019 Chapter Conflict of Interest and Whistleblower Policy Agreement

Conflict of Interest Policy and Nondisclosure Agreement

All members of the Board of Directors, and staff designated by the Chair of the AFP Collier-Lee Chapter, shall be subject to this conflict of interest and nondisclosure policy. Any action by such individuals in violation of these requirements shall not be permitted unless the Board of Directors of the AFP Collier-Lee Chapter expressly approves a waiver of specific provisions for specified circumstances.

A. Conflict of Interest
  • Members of the Board of Directors and staff must always, during the course of services for the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), and the AFP Collier-Lee Chapter (the Chapter), reflect the highest standards of ethical behavior, integrity and public responsibility.
  • The Chapter recognizes the inherent right of members of the Board of Directors and staff to engage in outside interests and private enterprise, and the Chapter does not wish to impede these activities. However, to the extent that such outside interests may affect a transaction in which AFP and/or the Chapter is or may be involved, there is potential for an actual or perceived conflict of interest. Since AFP and the Chapter have a legal obligation to avoid private inurement, self-dealing and misuse of member funds and assets, it is the policy of AFP and the Chapter to avoid all such actual or potential conflicts of interest.
  • A transaction between AFP or the Chapter, and members of the Board of Directors and staff, or related entity, is acceptable provided that all material facts have been disclosed and, except in the case of a charitable gift, the terms, conditions and consideration involved are commercially fair and reasonable. Any proposed activity or transaction which presents or may be a conflict of interest, shall be presented to the Chair of the Chapter or his/her designee and approved, in advance, by the board.
  • All members of the Board of Directors and staff will be asked to sign this document upon the beginning of their service with the Chapter


B. Nondisclosure
  • I agree that any information disclosed to me by members or staff of AFP, the Chapter, or by third parties, in connection with my membership on the Chapter Board or employment by the Chapter, will be considered privileged and confidential, including all such information relating to individual AFP members, any actions to establish, amend or implement AFP and Chapter operations, policies, plans, goals, objectives, and discussion by AFP members, AFP and Chapter staff, and third parties regarding these subjects.
  • Confidential information shall not include information previously known to me, the general public, or previously recognized as standard practice in the field.
  • I agree that I will hold all such privileged and confidential information in confidence during my lifetime, and will not use or disclose such information except as may be authorized by AFP and/or the Chapter, and will make my best effort to prevent its unauthorized disclosure. I acknowledge that unauthorized disclosure could cause irreparable harm and significant injury to AFP, the Chapter, and AFP members. I agree that upon request, I will return to AFP or the Chapter, as appropriate, all written or descriptive matter supplied by AFP and the Chapter, including committee agendas, minutes, and supporting documents.


I have read this Conflict of Interest and Nondisclosure Agreement and agree to its terms.


By entering your name above, you agree to the Conflict of Interest and Nondisclosure Policy

Whistleblower Protection Policy and Agreement

The Collier-Lee Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals prides itself on its adherence to federal, state, and local laws and/or regulations, including business ethics policies. As such, even though it is not obligated to do so, the Organization has decided to voluntarily adopt a whistleblower protection policy. Pursuant to this policy, any volunteer/employee who becomes aware of any violation of federal, state, or local law or regulation, including any financial wrong doing, should immediately report the violation to the Chapter President to allow the organization to investigate and, if applicable, correct the situation or condition.

If the Chapter President is involved or is believed to be involved in the matter being reported, volunteers/employees may, in the alternative, make a report to Association of Fundraising Professionals International Headquarters (AFP IHQ) legal counsel. The legal counsel will conduct an investigation and take appropriate action within a reasonable period of time. Such complaints will be held in confidence to the extent the needs of the investigation permit.

“Financial wrongdoing” may include, but is not limited to:

  • questionable accounting practices;
  • fraud or deliberate error in financial statements or recordkeeping;
  • deficiencies of internal accounting controls;
  • misrepresentations to company officers or the accounting department (including deviation from full reporting of financial conditions).

If any volunteer/employee reports in good faith what the volunteer/employee believes to be a violation of the law and/or financial wrongdoing to the Organization, AFP IHQ’s legal counsel, or to a federal, state, or local agency or assists in an investigation concerning financial wrongdoing, it is the Organization’s policy that there will be no retaliation taken against the volunteer/employee.

Volunteers/employees are reminded of the importance of keeping financial matters confidential. Volunteers/employees with questions concerning the confidentiality or appropriateness of disclosure of particular information should contact the Chapter President.

I have read this Whistleblower Protection Policy and agree to its terms.

By entering your name above, you agree to the Whistleblower Protection Policy.