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Director – Marketing and Communications
Post Date: 03/14/23   Company: Champions For Learning

Job Description:

Job Summary:

The Director of Marketing and Communications is responsible for creating innovative marketing strategies that will build brand identity, leading to increased awareness and fundraising revenue in support of Champions For Learning’s mission. The Director is responsible for creating and implementing the marketing and communication plan. This position will direct the design and execution of external communications, media relations, publications and collateral materials to enhance community awareness of Champions For Learning’s programs and accomplishments.

As a member of the Development Department team, the Director of Marketing and Communications should have the skills, knowledge and experience in fundraising strategies to successfully develop, implement and direct the organization’s communication and marketing strategies. The Director will frequently engage with the Board of Directors, leadership team and program staff.

Supervisory Responsibilities: Marketing and Communications Manager


  • Develop and execute high level marketing and brand strategy in support of Champions For Learning’s strategic initiatives.
  • Leverage marketing plan to reach targeted segments effectively through public relationship outreach and dynamic collateral materials.
  • Ensure brand identity and integrity in alignment with vision/mission/impact.
  • Ensure that the brand is strong and consistent in every marketing tactic, and that Champions For Learning’s story is communicated with drama, creativity and impact.
  • Recommend income and expense budget goals for the marketing and communications programs to the Leadership team. Will also be responsible for monitoring income and expense budgets throughout the fiscal year to achieve a cost-effective program.
  • Execute the communications plan with efficiency and flexibility – measuring results and adjusting the plan to reach aggressive goals quickly.
  • Working collaboratively with the Leadership team and Development staff create and produce inspiring design, content and collateral materials that builds the brand and drives donations and volunteerism.
  • Project revenue and expenses and monitor budget throughout fiscal year in areas of responsibility. Oversee the bidding and production process for collateral materials.
  • Build relationships with media partners to leverage sponsorship and advertising opportunities that align with the marketing and communications plan.
  • In collaboration with the Director of Annual Fund, Director of Digital Fundraising and Operations to create a plan to reach annual donors that reflects segmentation, targeting and value proposition development.
  • In collaboration with the Marketing and Communications Manager and Director of Digital Fundraising and Operations, establish a best-in-class web presence that drives donations and volunteer support and supports aggressive fundraising and awareness growth goals.
  • In partnership with the Marketing and Communications Manager and Director of Digital Fundraising and Operations, develop and execute the digital aspects of the communications plan with a bias towards action and revenue.
  • Write highly motivating, passionate, and engaging stories for use in annual report, newsletters, and all collateral materials.
  • In collaboration with the President & CEO, Chief Development Officer, and Chief Programs Officer to develop and execute innovative stakeholder communications strategies to educate and inform current donors and volunteers about activities and accomplishments.
  • In collaboration with the Chief Development Officer, design a donor communication plan that motivates supporters to move up the giving ladder, increasing their levels of support over time.
  • Engage Champions For Learning’s team around the brand; ensuring brand standards are maintained across all channels.
  • Assess work performance of Marketing and Communications Manager and identify areas for improvement.
  • Ensure goals, deadlines and performance standards for Marketing and Communications Manager are met.
  • Train and onboard new hires to make sure they understand their roles
  • Ensure performance records and evaluations are complete and appropriately recorded in HR.
  • Other related duties as assigned.

Required Skills/Abilities:

  • Experience building brand awareness and support internally.
  • Thorough knowledge of marketing principles along with a demonstrated track record of success and performance.
  • Ability to understand changing market dynamics, translating them into actionable strategies to achieve organization’s objectives.
  • Advanced experience working with a variety of traditional and modern marketing and communications functions including: branding and messaging to different target audiences.
  • An understanding of all aspects of print material production; development and implementation of social media plans; and working with the press and other related media outlets.
  • Excellent written and oral interpersonal communications skills.

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor of Arts or Science degree in Communications, Public Relations, Marketing or a related field, plus 3-5 years of related experience (not including internships).
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office and desktop publishing programs, InDesign, and an understanding of social media platforms.

To apply, please email resume to Samantha Lapolla, Chief Administrative Officer, at