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Development Coordinator
Post Date: 05/31/19   Company: Naples Senior Center

Job Description:

Category:       Full Time

Reports to:     President/CEO

Relates to:     Development Data Base Manager; PR Agency; Program Managers

Position Objective:

Initiate, implement and maintain projects and programs that grow the organization’s fundraising goals and outcomes.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

·         Becomes proficient in the Center’s Message, language and communication tone

·         Coordinates fundraising activities and events

·         Supports educational activities and events

·         Prepares appropriate fundraising materials for CEO’s meetings with donors and prospects

·         Maintains records of CEO’s meetings with donors and prospects and proposes follow-up strategies

·         Closely works with Development Data Base Manager to determine giving capacity of volunteers and members.

·         With Development Data Base Manager, ensures that all donor and fundraising activities are tracked appropriately in Raisers Edge

·         Drafts Thank-You-Letters and -Notes requiring special attention for President & CEO’s signature to acknowledge prospects’ and donors’ contributions, support of Center activities and event attendance

·         Proposes strategies to initiate and strengthen engagement of volunteers and members in a variety of fundraising activities

·         Drafts letters for annual appeals and other types of fundraising solicitations

·         Maintains, systematically updates and, upon approval, internally distributes the organization’s annual calendar and schedule of fund development activities in a timely manner

·         Ensures Team Members’ awareness of on-site fundraising events and visiting donors or prospects to ensure proper greeting and welcome

·         Coordinates fundraising activities with organization-wide program-based events

·         Ensures best-possible professional appearance of the Development work area, ready to welcome donors, members and prospects

·         Maintains related office and hospitality supplies

Required Skills and Characteristics:

·         Ability to develop, guard and appropriately communicate sensitive and confidential information

·         Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite

·         Knowledge of Raiser’s Edge and other fundraising software

·         Excellent verbal and written communication skills

·         Ability to think independently and creatively

·         Understanding of the Team work structure

·         Collegial and respectful attitude toward all

·         Friendly, welcoming and positive attitude at all times

·         Energy and enthusiasm for the position and the organization