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Non-Profit Charity Executive Director & Social Entrepreneur
Post Date: 09/07/19   Company: Miracles in Action & Beyond Beads Fair Trade

Job Description:

Miracles in Action - Making a Difference in Guatemala

This position is NOT JUST A JOB.  It must be your PASSION - to help others and make a difference in the lives of impoverished women and children in Guatemala.  We seek a Social Entrepreneur - a person who uses their initiative and innovation to create a business intended to transform the lives of others in health, education, poverty alleviation, and the environment. You will use your knowledge of business practices to innovate a sustainable organization capable of achieving social change on a large scale.  

Our work in Guatemala started in 2005 with construction of a rural primary school. Since then, we continue to fund the building of schools (57 this year), but have also adopted projects that improve lives and address severe poverty (vented stoves, water filters, village water systems, gardens, women empowerment, nutrition/health education, etc.) Development projects are implemented along with trusted “partner charities” that work in Guatemala.

Miracles in Action covers our overhead expenses from the sale of handicrafts and jewelry made by Mayan artisans in Guatemala. This “Beyond Beads” fair trade program also helps the artisans to earn an income from home to feed and educate their children. We host visits to Guatemala for donors to see how their gift has made a difference. i.e. attend school inauguration.  Through public speaking with an inspirational presentation, we attract others to build schools and support our work. Naples, FL office handles administrative and handicraft sales activities. The ED travels to Guatemala possibly 1-2 times/year.

Miracles in Action is a small, secular charity where you will wear many hats, doing a variety of activities that keep the work interesting, dynamic and at a fast pace without a lot of red tape.  We are a passionate team of caring/giving people who find this work fun and rewarding, not just a job. The smiles from children and knowing we have made a difference are bonuses without a price tag.

Role of Executive Director:

Function: To work collaboratively with the President/Founder and give direction and leadership to achieve the organization's mission and goals. The E.D. will manage Miracle in Action’s Naples office, administrative functions, staff, volunteers, and donor relations.

Primary Goals: To develop and implement an effective fundraising plan to increase donations beyond our current level and methods.  To promote our charity's work through video, social media, website, and public speaking. Along with a Handicrafts Manager to expand handicraft sales online and in wholesale markets.


  • Marketing and Communications - Creatively communicate the activities and accomplishments of Miracles in Action and Beyond Beads through social media, website, e-news, annual newsletter, and printed promotions. Publish stories/photos in monthly e-news.
  • Represent and advocate Miracles in Action at presentations, events, networking activities, etc. Seek opportunities to present to groups and for individual philanthropists and corporations.
  • Plan, organize and execute fund raising events and arts/craft sales activities.
  • Maintain frequent communication with President on operations and projects.
  • Volunteer Management:  Recruit, train, schedule, supervise, and thank volunteers.
  • Develop strong donor relations.  Follow up on donor requests, provide recognition and seek new donors.
  • Performs or supervises office operations includes email and postal correspondence, donor acknowledgements, update product catalog, A/R and A/P, Quickbooks bookkeeping, etc.
  • Lead, coach and develop Naples staff (Handicrafts Manager, part time office assistant, volunteers). Set goals and conduct performance reviews. Handle HR functions for staff.  Manage staff hours/pay in a cost effective manor.
  • Serve as a non-voting board member, schedule/attend our annual board meeting and work with the board to develop policies, procedures and priorities.
  • Develop and maintain volunteer/donor database and MailChimp. Maintain office records, photos, and assets.
  • Develop annual budget approved by Board. Operate within budget.
  • Develop and execute plan/goals to increase donations and handicraft sales.
  • Ensure legal documents, insurance and tax filings are completed on time, financial records are accurate, and assets secure.
  • Manage charity funds cost effectively. Seeks in-kind and non-profit discounts.
  • Project management working with the President to evaluate and research new project requests/budgets to be presented to the board.  Maintain records and statistics on projects. Follow up with partner charities on required reports. As needed, write grant proposals to Foundations and donors.

Job Requirements:

5-10 year successful experience in non-profit charity management/development and sales/marketing.

- Background security check is required. Drug/alcohol testing may be required.

- Non-compete agreement must be signed, where the employee cannot enter in to or start a similar business in the US for two years after separation.

- Lives within 15-20 miles from Naples office. We will not consider Fort Myers or Cape Coral resumes.

- 5 year commitment or longer.

- Marketing/Communications degree preferred

- Spanish helpful, but not required.


- Opportunity to work in our home office on a beautiful lake in sunny Naples, FL.

- Opportunity to use your knowledge and initiative of business practices to innovate a sustainable organization capable of making a difference in the world (Guatemala and further).

- Competitive full-time salary $50,000 to $60,000 annually.  Medical benefits negotiable.

- 17 PTO days (vacation/sick), accrues after 3 months employment, and increases with length of employment. 11 paid holidays. Flexible schedule.

- After 6-9 months travel/visit to Guatemala.

- Mileage reimbursement, over the miles commuted to/from Naples Office - home

- 3-month probationary period.

Send resume & cover letter to:

To include:

  1. Why are you interested? 2. What are you passionate about? 3. How are you a capable, innovative social entrepreneur? 4. Why leaving your current position or looking? 5. Salary history of last two positions? 6. How far you live from zip code 34112.