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Program Manager, Volunteers
Post Date: 03/09/21   Company: Best Buddies Southwest Florida

Job Description:

Program Manager, Volunteers

Salary Range: $36,000.00 To $40,000.00 Annually

Position Overview: The program manager, volunteers’ primary role is to provide support, resources, and serve as the point of contact for school and community-based volunteers.  The program manager volunteers is responsible for regular communication with our volunteers and providing key information on our program policies, database tools, training tools and guidance on program implementation.   The goal of this role is to ensure consistent quality in all of our Best Buddies school and community programs.  In addition, the program manager volunteers will provide support to volunteers attending our Annual International Leadership Conference, local training opportunities, and our efforts to expand our programs to new schools and communities.

 Job Qualifications – Qualified applicants must have:

  • Bachelor’s degree or minimum four years’ relevant experience.
  • Be comfortable engaging with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • Experience recruiting, managing and motivating volunteers.
  • Must be adaptable and able to quickly and effectively develop and balance multiple relationships, and get results from a variety of people.
  • Basic project and time management skills.
  • Exhibit strong written communication skills.
  • Exhibit strong initiative, drive for results, and self-assessment skills.
  • The ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • A clear understanding of multiple communication platforms and proficient use of social media.
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Must be comfortable working with youth and adults.
  • Must be willing and able to travel frequently, use personal cell phone, and work evenings and weekends as necessary to accomplish job responsibilities.
  • Access to an automobile with applicable insurance.

 Job Duties:


  • Support volunteers through direct and consistent communication using virtual networks, online platforms, and in-person meetings.
  • Provide mission-focused guidance and support to all volunteers to ensure they are working towards overall mission outcomes.
  • Build connections among volunteers to encourage collaboration, mentorship, and growth.
  • Provide information on web-based resources and other training opportunities through personalized communication and development plans.
  • Monitor and provide analysis on program quality to local, state & national programs teams by using our Best Buddies Online (Volunteer CRM system). 
  • Use program analysis to develop support plans and strategic designs for key volunteers to identify opportunities for growth, training needs, and other tactics to advance the mission.
  • Develop networks for volunteers, including peer mentor groups, leadership teams, and planning committees, to engage volunteers in the advancement of our mission through autonomy and ownership of programs.
  • Understand and communicate programmatic goals, responsibilities, and risk policies to ensure all volunteers operate within guidelines, including chapter dues, buddy pair matching, and chapter leadership development.
  • Execute annual volunteer appreciation programs for all of our student, teacher, and community volunteers.
  • Track and provide support for volunteers to grow with our organization throughout their academic career and post-secondary, including the Best Buddies Jobs program.
  • Lead efforts to recruit volunteers to attend regular Best Buddies training, especially the Annual International Leadership Conference (July). 


  • Work in partnership with the local, state, and national teams to support social media and other marketing efforts.
  • Represent Best Buddies programs through public speaking, community involvement, and other initiatives.
  • Support stewardship efforts by providing regular information on our volunteers, matches, and programmatic impact.
  • Communicate opportunities for volunteers to participate in national marketing efforts such as Spread the Word campaigns. 


  • Advance local, state, and& national fundraising efforts by both providing direct support and engaging volunteers.
  • Attend and provide direct support to state fundraising events and national events, as requested.
  • Provide data and assessment to support fundraising proposals and reporting.


  • Follows all Best Buddies policies outlined in the Best Buddies Staff Policy Handbook.
  • Follows procedures for expenses and reimbursements.  
  • Steward all office resources, including a personal computer as assigned responsibly and professionally. 
  • Abide by all professional standards as detailed in the Best Buddies Staff Policy Handbook, including use of social media, office attire, and use of email accounts.
  • Maintain data integrity and tracking in all systems.

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