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Nominees can be support staff of a non-profit organization.
  • Lifts up/supports the organization through dedicated administrative work that is vital to the overall mission.
  • Demonstrates exceptional job performance and/or leadership.
  • Exhibits integrity and is a positive representative of the organization.
  • Respected by all shareholders of the organization.
  • Contributes to the organization in a positive way. Actively participates and is a team player to better the organization’s ability to fulfill its purpose- mission, goals, and objectives.

2023 Unsung Hero Award Nomination Form (new award)

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This award recognizes an unsung hero on an organization’s fundraising team.

Please describe your nominee highlighting the following:

  • Evidence of supporting the organization's fundraising abilities.
  • Evidence of quality of  acting as a team player.
  • Evidence of commitment to the organization.
  • Evidence of commitment to fundraising and philanthropy.

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